July 12, 2009

Record for Shortest Time Under Consideration

As devoted readers of my rantings well know, Mrs. LMC and I are sorting through names for the perfect fit for the next addition to the LMC lineup. The record for the shortest name under consideration was Melissa, set yesterday. It occurred to my wife shortly after she woke up, mentioned it to me, and then was axed when my bride realized she has a distant relation of the same name. I rather liked it but it would have needed a waiver for the "no names of old girlfriends" which was not likely to be granted anyway.

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And saying it with surname produces an internal rhyme which makes for a lot of "iss"-ing. That gets you back to the upper-respiratory virus category. You're well rid of that one.

Posted by: Mink Monica at July 12, 2009 10:05 AM

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