May 18, 2009

Notre Dame

NR has a good piece on Obama and Notre Dame which I commend to your thoughtful consideration. The older I get the more I am convinced that of all the things the Left hates, it hates the Church's position on abortion most of all: that human life is sacred and must be protected from conception to natural death. So much has been watered down but the Church has not wavered in its defense of life and its opposition to abortion. I am convinced that is why Sarah Palin was attacked so savagely by the media sisterhood during the campaign--because the governor and her family chose life not once but twice when confronted by teenage pregnancy and Down Syndrome. So I bring back an oldie but goodie, this ad by Catholic Vote last September:

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If Holy Mother Church does not stand for life, who will?

Posted by: kmr at May 19, 2009 11:44 AM