April 27, 2009

And the Newest Additional to the LMC Platoon Will Be

a gel, due 9/11, and who will join The Future ROTC Scholarship Recipient and Our Little Debtante. The OB referred Mrs. LMC to a physician who seems to have cornered the market in screening "high risk" pregnancies." Mrs. LMC is, at 39, "advanced maternal age," and thus subjected to a lot of poking and prodding, testing, and conversations such along the lines of: "Are you sure you don't want the amnio which will remove all doubt about chromosomal abnormalities? And that is becasue you would not do anything?" Followed by: "please sign here." The nurse who actually did the measurements with the high resolution ultrasound was great, explained each part of the exam, and found none of the six "soft markers" of Down Syndrome. The physician was the academic type with the bedside manner of a brick.

Homer Nods Yips! from Robbo: In fact, Mrs. LMC is 29, just like Mrs. Robbo, and has been for several years now.

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