April 24, 2009

Gratuitous Nats Posting - Battle of the Basement Division


The Nats (3-11) travel tonight to Shea Nouveaux, or whatever it's called, to take on the Mets (6-9). If we can sweep, we will actually emerge next week ....out of last place!

Be afraid, Gary. Be very afraid.

FIRST GAME UPDATE: Santaaaaaaaana!!!! What can I say except that in our 4-3 loss tonight, at least I hope we made Gary and his friends sweat a bit. On the other hand, walking in the winning run with bases loaded is something I would expect out of my crew of 5th grade girls, not out of a professional veteran reliever.


Gloating Yips! from Gary:
Finally, we get a series with Washington!! We need two more wins to settle down and then...bring on them fish!

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