April 15, 2009


Look at it this way: The only other sure bet in your life is that some day you'll be dead.

UPDATE: Correction - Happy Patriots' Day! Paul Begala says anyone not happy today is nothing but a knuckle-dragging dupe of Rupert Murdoch, Paris Hilton and - wait for it - the Idle Rich.

So, there.

Put it that way, you should be enjoying Uncle's tender embraces today. If you can't manage that, I suppose you can always just close your eyes and think of your Country.

UPDATE DEUX: I've been seeing headlines this afternoon about a proposal announced today to "greatly simplify" the tax code.

Uh, huh.

Reminds me of a joke "simplified" tax form I was shown waaaaay back in about 1978 or so. It only had two line:

1. How much did you make last year?
2. Send it in.

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Going to a tea party at 5:30 in front of our county building.
My sign:
Suffolk County, stop taxing heating oil and gas. It is immoral...
If my husband can show up his sign will read:
I never voted to enslave my children to China.

Posted by: babs at April 15, 2009 12:51 PM

Just thot you’d be interested in these verses I love which’ll help you wiseabove. May God flagrantly bless you, my friend, and may the Trinity always put two options in thy Finite Existence (L or R) so you know the Way home to Heaven Above. May I meet you Upstairs and we’ll go for a beer? I’d like that (yes, God has the most backbone-beautifying-bombastic beer, the most full-fill-ing in the universe and many beyond).

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