March 28, 2009

The Lunch Club

I left a private law firm to go in-house at a local bank holding company almost two months ago and have not regretted it for one minute. A few days ago, I had lunch with three alums from the old law school--all of whom left private practice for other jobs in the profession. No one misses the tyranny of billable hours, the constant pressure to bring in revenue, or internal firm politics. We are planning to make it a regular event with venue rotation and who picks up the check.

As luck would have it, another refugee from law firm practice stopped by our table-a general counsel at a local company. He, too, enjoyed his life-post law firm--no suit, just slacks and blazer, and a relaxed look on his face. As luck would further have it--the CEO and CFO at my old firm were at another table having what seemed to be a lunch interview with a local lawyer. We exchanged pleasantries. When it was over, everyone went back to work--the law firm types to their time sheets and billable hours and the rest of us to more enjoyable ways to work in the profession.

No, I do not miss it a bit.

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