March 14, 2009

"Into the Jaws of Death and into the Mouth of Hell"

BSG hits its stride with the series finale to go. The first half of last night's episode was pointless flashbacks to life in the Colonies before the Cylon attack but the second half

Plot spoiler below the fold.

ditched the doobie smokin', feeling-sorry-for-themselves, what-is-the-point-in living nonsense. Adama, having given up on signs, prophets, Earth, and practically everything else latches onto one of the enduring values of a warrior culture: No one is left behind; no one is left in the clutches of the enemy. The bad Cylons have Hera in a well-defended base and Adama is going to a lead hopeless rescue mission to get her back, banking that the old battlestar (distillery and all) still has one more fight left in her. There is only one jump point available given the physics of the area, and it is one kilometer from the base--the fight will be up close and personal. Like Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie at the Alamo, a line is drawn down the flight deck and volunteers for the mission are to move to one side, and everyone else to the other. When the dust settles, three quarters of the crew are on the rescue side as is President Roslin who rose from her deathbed to stand with her man. The chain-smokin' surgeon volunteers to go but Adama guides him back-those staying behind will need a doctor-the rescuers will not because they will likely be dead. The final installment in the series should be worth it.

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