February 07, 2009

In Vino Veritas

After Robbo went one over the eight watching the Super Bowl last Sunday, the Missus demanded that I give my feet a rest by climbing up on the ol' wagon.

I'd been planning to give up wine for Lent anyway (as is my usual custom - or attempted custom), but the sudden acceleration of the cut-off date caught me unprepared. I'm used to a glass or two every evening, and without them my sleep cycle has been all off: where I should be in deep sleep, I'm in light sleep; and where I should be in light sleep, I'm awake. The result is that I've become increasingly zombie-like as the week has progressed.

I say all this not to bore you with my problems, nor to solicit gratuitous commentary about creeping alchoholism, but rayther in order that I may post a tune that's been running through my head all week:

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