February 03, 2009

Seventies Retro Reunion

Morgan Fairchild, back in the day, because today is her day:

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YIPS! From Robbo:

Not so far back in the day, neither. That pic is from Fairchild's 2005 stage tour as Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. I remember seeing similar photos in the WaPo when the show came to town and thinking "Dayum".

Here's a money quote from one of the reviews of the production (emphasis added):

A warning for audiences attending "The Graduate" this week: There's nudity in a key scene, but don't expect to see a whole lot, says the play's star, Morgan Fairchild.

She takes on the classic role of Mrs. Robinson in the touring company of the play, which is part of the Broadway Las Vegas series, in performance today through Sunday at Cashman Theatre.

Fairchild doffs her towel in a key scene, which is lighted with discretion, according to the actress who has appeared in a host of TV shows, including "Flamingo Road" and "Cybill."

"All of us who've done the part have had some trepidation" about the nude scene, Fairchild said in a recent interview while on the road. "It is discreetly lighted, and I cling to that, that the audience doesn't see much."

Not that Fairchild has let herself go.

She says the tour's opening night audience of college students responded favorably when the towel dropped.

I'll bet they did.

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