December 19, 2008

Hmmm. Funny How Priorities Change reports poll results in their latest e-blast. No, it's not a national poll but rather one asked of their membership to rank their "hot button" issues in order of hotness...or whatever.

Remember how the last five years have been about "end the war! end the war! end the war!!!"? Remember the contrived "rallies" in towns across the U.S. every Saturday at noon (which usually consisted of about twelve aging ex-hippies with obsequious placards - "honk if you want to end the war!")?

The way these moonbats carried on you'd think Iraq was the NUMBER ONE driving issue uniting the anti-Bush hordes.

Well, now that The One is about to take office the results are interesting:

"Hundreds of thousands of us nominated and voted, and now the results are in—we know where to focus MoveOn's efforts for the next year.

We asked you to vote for your three top goals, but after looking at the results, it's clear that four rose above and beyond the rest.

Here's how it worked out, in descending order:

1. Universal Health Care

2. Economic Recovery and Job Creation

3. Build a Green Economy and Stop Climate Change

4. End the War in Iraq"

So they asked them for their top three and obviously for a majority of the respondents Iraq didn't even make their top three. They probably threw in a number four because having Iraq off the list would have stuck out too much.

Since they can't use the mission in Iraq as a club to beat the 43rd President over the head day after day to drive down his poll numbers it looks like the issue has outlived its usefulness.


Posted by Gary at December 19, 2008 02:35 PM | TrackBack

Since the war in Iraq is already won and the other three listed are pipe dreams, it looks their goals will be moveon.orged sometime around the point where reality bites hard.

Posted by: syn at December 21, 2008 06:08 PM