November 24, 2008

More Mixed Weather Posting

I see where some Weather Channel people, including the entire "Forecast Earth" group, are getting the axe:

The layoffs affected about 80 people, but left the long-term leadership of the network unclear, according to a source who requested anonymity due to the continuing uncertainty at the station.

Among the meteorologists who was let go was Dave Schwartz, a Weather Channel veteran and a viewer staple due to his lively on camera presentations. USA Today reported that meteorologists Cheryl Lemke and Eboni Deon were also let go.

The timing of the Forecast Earth cancellation was ironic, since it came in the middle of NBC's "Green Week," during which the network has been touting its environmental coverage across all of its platforms. Forecast Earth normally aired on weekends, but its presumed last episode was shown on a weekday due to the environmentally-oriented week.

Forecast Earth was hosted by former CNN anchor Natalie Allen, with contributions from climate expert Heidi Cullen. It was the sole program on TWC that focused on global climate change, which raises the question of whether the station will still report on the subject. Cullen's future role at the network is not known.

That's too bad about Dave Schwartz. I liked him, even or perhaps especially because there were times when I strongly suspected he was drunk on camera. Cheryl Lemke will be missed, too. Perhaps not up in the Weather Babe stratosphere, but she was pretty close.

But as for Heidi Cullen (that's DR. Heidi Cullen to you, bub!), I say good riddance. She was a Global Warming tongue-swallower extraordinaire, and it was largely because of her alarmism that I finally stopped watching TWC altogether. (Well, her and the mimbo/bimbo team of Jim Cantore and Alexandra Steele.)

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Obviously this is more fallout from Global Warming. I blame George W. Bush.

Posted by: rbj at November 24, 2008 04:21 PM