October 28, 2008

McCain Riding The "Joe The Plumber" Pony Without A Saddle

Watching Sen. McCain on "Hannity & Colmes" right now and he's really letting Obama have it over "wealth redistribution". I worry that Joe came along about one or two weeks too late but, damn, McCain is FINALLY putting this in terms that voters can really understand.

I also worry that too many voters out there don't give a crap about the principle that's at issue here and only care about "gimmee, gimmee, gimmee" because they've dug into the class warfare foxhole.

I've been waiting for Big Mac to point out that 40% of Americans pay no Federal income taxes and he's finally doing it. Is it too late? It's like those AT&T commercials where the guy standing next to a Leprechaun or a Yeti say's "I've just found...the internet." You want to scream at the TV "look at the leprechaun! look at the leprechaun!!!!" You want John McCain to start pointing out the obvious. And it's like he finally noticed.

I swear whenever I look at the RCP Average there is always at least one poll that is so much out of whack that it skews the average way, way up. I can't make heads or tales of these polls. Why does Gallup all of a sudden report a number that ignores prior voting history? Why do they oversample African-Americans and people under 30? Because they assume they will show up in greater numbers when there is no historical data to support it? WTF?

I dunno. I've been following Presidential elections very closely since 1984 and haven't seen anything like this before. Sheesh.

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