April 16, 2008

Cast Away

This afternoon the eight year old gets the cast removed from her (now presumably healed) wrist fracture.

The last couple weeks she's been playing soccer with her cast wrapped up in bubble-wrap. This, I am told, is mandated by law here in the Commonwealth of Ol' Virginny. At first I assumed that this requirement had to do with protecting the injury of the cast-bound player, but having been on the receiving end of the thing a couple times myself, I suddenly realized that it was, in fact, for the benefit of the others on the field. (Ouch!) So while I naturally recoil at the officious busy-bodiness of Richmond in making such a measure a legal requirement, I also see the underlying good sense in taking such a precaution.

After last Saturday's game, the gel ripped the bubble-wrap off and invited her team-mates to help her pop it all. It was the best example of team work I saw all day.

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