September 13, 2006

New Jersey Senate race heats up

Honest Bob Menendez, the New Jersey Democratic Senator, is in big trouble---so much so that the Donks are beginning to float talk of a "Toricelli Switch" and dump him from the ballot, like they did in 2002.

It was the nekkid partisanship of the Toricelli/Lautenberg switch ((together with the Chambliss/Cleland race in GA) that did so much to sour the bipartisan mellow after 911.

Funny, though, how you only hear about the Cleland race in that regards.

Anyhoo, if the Donks want to go down that road, fine, but it's a pretty good sign that they're panicking.

Oh, and before you go all "Rethuglikkkhans are the party of aristocracy" by mentioning Tom Kean Jr. as the Republican nominee, you might want to consider your answer in light of the Nevada Senate race.

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