September 14, 2006

Was it just me?

I settled into the big chair after kicking myself in the head with some robitussen to fight the Marriott Malaise head cold that has now firmly lodged in my throat and chest. As I was clicking through the channels, I came across Matt Laaawrerrr interviewing what at first I thought was Christina Appelgate, but turned out to be none other than our old traffic Santa herself, naughty teacher gone bad Debra LaFave, fresh out of prison it would seem for acting out a wide range of early Rob Lowe movie scripts.

Talk about your train-wreck tee-vee: the part I saw was when she was describing how, after sexing up her pupil's mind, she would take him to Smoothie King, and then to the Walmart to buy a Timex for her husband. Smoothie King? What, Dairy Queen and Toys R Us weren't open?

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