October 06, 2008

The Monster's Out Of The Cage

With just less than a month to go, the McCain campaign is going balls to the wall against The One.

Now that the "bailout" is signed, sealed and delivered (for all the good it did), Big Mac is calling out Obama and other Dems for getting us into this mess in the first place while back in 2005 it was McCain who was raising the red flag about Fannie and Freddie.

And he doesn't mince words here at a speech in Albuquerque:

I gotta say, I like this new attitude. Let's answer that question "Who IS Barack Obama?" And let's not wince at the slings and arrows hurled back by the MSM. None of this "Oh, where afraid Bluto. We might get in trouble."** crap.

In the meantime, our Sarah lights it up in Florida - and slams a heckler to boot. Sweet.

**spot the quote

YIPS! From Robbo: I am beginning to feel the same kind of roller-coaster stress I associate with pennant races. Amazing, ain't it, how things can turn from being all over but sending out the Inaugural Ball invitations to horse-race time virtually overnight. I may even watch the debate tonight. This thing is far from ovah.

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"**spot the quote"

Animal House.

Posted by: stillers at October 7, 2008 01:05 AM