September 01, 2008

Bristol Palin

The news broke a few hours ago that Sarah Palin's seventeen year old daughter is five months pregnant. Several thoughts comes to mind:
1. The governor talks the talk and walks the walk--with her youngest child and now her daughter. Actions speak louder than words and the pro-life base will not hold it against her.
2. Obama's statement that Bristol Palin is off-limits and anyone crossing that line in his campaign will be fired was good. Once again, actions speak louder than words--given the ilk on the other side of the aisle, I am not optimistic that Obama's pledge will be honored. (I distinctly recall both halves of the Kedwards team dragging Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter into the debate discourse.)
3. Palin's actions and Obama's views on abortion certainly invite side-by-side comparison--the Palin family's embrace of life contrasted with Obama's statement that he would not want his daughter "punished" for a "mistake."
4. Unwanted teenage pregnancy is every parent's nightmare. Choosing life is the tougher road and the Palins deserve privacy and our prayers.

Yips! from Robbo: The LMC beat me to the punch on this one. Bully for the Palins for doing the right thing. And so far as he is actually going to enforce it, bully for Obama telling his people to back off.

My question is: Does all this mean that we're going to need to switch from the Naughty Librarian meme to the Hot Grandma** meme?

(**Spot the allusion.)

Analytical Yips! from Gary:
I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't at the very least know someone who's been through a similar situation. Detractors of the McCain/Palin ticket would be wise to drop the chalupa and just walk away.

Posted by LMC at September 1, 2008 02:21 PM | TrackBack

hopefully this puts down the other rumor about the 5th child. that one had me a bit jumpy, i confess.

Posted by: tdp at September 1, 2008 03:17 PM

Wouldn't the right thing been to have taught the kid how to keep her britches on? Or to have given her enough education about her body to have avoided an unwanted pregnancy to begin with?

I think this reflects poorly on Palin's parenting. She's coming off on the same level as Britney Spear's mom if you ask me . . .

Posted by: Chai-rista at September 1, 2008 03:49 PM

The deed has been done. The test of character when things are difficult, is the courage to take the harder road when it is the right road.

We all know of those who knew their body and still responded "What!?!"

Posted by: kmr at September 1, 2008 04:44 PM

This is a plus. As Mark Steyn points out in his recent best seller, America Alone, if our western civilization is demographically to survive in the increasingly “hostile to the west” islamic world — and not end up like the sinking European populations — these are the precise people (the Bristol Palins’) we should thank for increasing their progeny.

Posted by: Ted at September 1, 2008 05:19 PM

Every family has one; I have a niece who had a kid out of wedlock at 17. The key is, how does the family handle it? Does the kid trust her parents enough to tell them or do they go secretly to a clinic? Do the parents browbeat the kid into an abortion or have some courage and tell them "We'll help you, but its your kid, and now it's time to be an adult." Or do they make another responsible decision and give the child up for adoption?

Our society views children as an inconvenience; life sometime has its own plans. I was the fifth child in my family, thoroughly unplanned. I'm glad my mother didn't view me as a late-in-life inconvenience to be gotten rid of by a quick trip to the clinic. The child does not plan his arrival and cannot be blamed for it. Yet that is precisely whom our society holds accountable. The inconvenient child gets the death penalty.

It is a dangerous time for souls to come into the world. "The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned . . . "

Posted by: The Abbot at September 1, 2008 08:37 PM

Kids should be off limits until they choose to enter the political arena as adults. None of us are perfect parents, none of us were perfect kids.

Posted by: AKL at September 1, 2008 09:08 PM

Inquiring minds want to know if Chelsea ever had an abortion...

Posted by: Babs at September 2, 2008 01:16 AM

I vehemently disagree with Chai-rista. You can teach a child right and wrong until your blue in the face. That child can still go out and make a bad decision. Human nature is funny like that.

Posted by: nuthinhere at September 2, 2008 03:11 AM

You can count my family as having gone through this too. 17 y.o. niece, decides to keep the kid (not marry the dad) and today she's married with a second kid on the way and our family has a great kid.

If the worst thing that happens to your family is that you have to set another place at the dinner table, things are going well.

Posted by: rbj at September 2, 2008 09:04 AM

Chai-rista has a good point. Not necessarily Sarah Palin, but too many parents don't talk to their children seriously either about abstinence or birth control. At least not until their child comes to them and announces that they are pregnant. D'uh!

I give kudos to the Palins for loving and supporting ALL their children, and I definitely hope Obama can keep his campaigners in line on this. In the meantime, the rest of us could use this as a wake-up call to check in with our kids ...

Posted by: keysunset at September 2, 2008 09:22 AM