June 04, 2008


One seriously large line of thunderstorms has just rolled into Your Nation's Capital. Looks like at least two more wodges may come through later on this afternoon and evening.

If you don't know about it yet, may I strongly recommend WeatherUnderground as your go-too on-line source of meteorological whistles and bells? Yes, I object to the name, too, but the site has teh goods, especially if you pay the five dollar yearly fee.

MORNING AFTER UPDATE: Well, the first waive of storms rolled through, knocking down limbs and occassional whole trees, disrupting service on my metro line and knocking out the power. Then a second cloudburst formed up just as I was arriving at West Falls Church metro. Pan-farookin'-dae-mo-nium.

However, the wine store was still open and after arming myself with a bottle or two of the L'Autrefois Pinot Noir (which for the price cannot be beat), I slowly made my way home around numerous detours, just beating the next line of storms in. Having disposed of the Llama-ettes for the night, I rousted out some apples, cheese and crackers, plus enough candles to read by and settled down for the evening. So it wasn't so bad after all.

Lots of branches are down in the neighborhood of Orgle Manor, plus a few big trees. Plus, as of this morning the power is still out. (As are many traffic signals. Northern Virginia drivers do not typically play well without such adult supervision.) The Missus and the Llama-ettes are off to the vast and secure real estate holdings surrounding Fort LMC for the night, so if the power has not yet been restored, I may have to repeat last evening's entertainment. (And if the A/C hasn't kicked in, I may have to sleep in the basement, too.)

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