March 29, 2008

"What Kind Of Crummy Network Would Let This Happen?"

Quincy gets mad:

LOS ANGELES - Former "Quincy, M.E." star Jack Klugman sued NBC Universal Friday, claiming the studio is lying about the show's profits and owes him money. Klugman, 85, played the crime-busting Dr. R. Quincy on the show from 1976 to 1983. His 1976 contract with NBC entitles him and his company, Sweater Productions, to 25 percent of the show's "net profits," according to the suit filed in Superior Court. Klugman claims his copy of the contract was lost when his agent died, and NBC has refused to provide a copy.

The lawsuit aims to force NBC to divulge the contract and award Klugman attorneys' fees. It also asks the court to clarify the terms of the agreement.

"I recently heard that they made $250 million and it's still on TV in Germany. I don't want their money. I want my money," Klugman told The Associated Press. "I worked my tail off. I got up at four in the morning and stayed at the studio. I did rewrite, I edited."

Calls to NBC Universal Friday seeking comment Friday were not immediately returned.

NBC provided Klugman with an accounting statement showing the series had lost $66 million through 2006, according to the suit. However, Klugman said he believes NBC is lying, and that it made money.

First off, show of hands of those who are mildly surprised that the Klugger isn't dead already. Yes, me too.

My college roommate and I were devoted to Quincy re-runs and particularly delighted in Quincy's rantings against the "crummy" doctors who had allowed whatever the medical catastrophe du jour was to have happened. (It was almost as regular an occurance as "Hi, Bob" on Newhart's old show, Charro guest-starring on Love Boat or a Red Shirt getting whacked on Star Trek.) Hence the title of this post.

Go get 'em, Quincy!

Posted by Robert at March 29, 2008 12:56 PM | TrackBack

Um, if Quincy was losing money, the studio wouldn't be showing it.

Posted by: rbj at March 29, 2008 07:31 PM

Yes, I'm in the "Jack Klugman is still alive??" category. I hope he gets his money. I never cared much for "Quincy" though.

Posted by: stillers at March 30, 2008 01:34 AM