November 13, 2007

Gratuitous Llama Commuter Confession

Our good pal Christine over at Laudem Gloriae dug up this YouTube of the Dave Brubeck Quartet doing "Take Five", an extremely rare example of a five beats to the bar composition:

Now that the days are drawing in and the air is getting cooler, I often walk to the metro from my office in the dark wearing the ol' trenchcoat. Almost invariably, this tune starts running through my head. Dunno why.

Speaking of such things, some time recently our pal Sleepy Beth remarked - in a post about "slugging" a lift into Dee Cee from another commuter - about guys who listen to Smooooooth Jazz. She didn't say anything outright derogatory, you understand, but there was just enough faint praise in the post to prompt me to confess: I usually reach my metro stop and pick up my car shortly after 7:00 PM. The local classical station to which I listen the rest of the day, perhaps unwilling to totally give up its prior gabfest format, takes this one hour out of the twenty-four to broadcast the bloviations of Jim Lehrer & Co. Bag that, says I. So yes, I typically listen to smoooooth jazz on the drive to Orgle Manor from the metro. Not only that, I often amuse myself by reciting my own Weather Channel Local on the 8's forecasts over the music. (I won't explain. Those of you who get it know exactly what I'm talking about.)

And my favorite smooooooth jazz playlist entry? Here ya go:

I know what you suspect, but no, I'm not. Really.

Posted by Robert at November 13, 2007 10:50 PM | TrackBack

I get tired of criticisms of smooth jazz. It is just highly sophisticated popular music with, you know, some real, actual craftsmanship and artistic content to it. What's wrong with that? Hell, there's even some Kenny G that I like. Though I liked him better in The Jeff Lorber Fusion days, he wasn't making much money back then. Which reminds me of a joke I heard Branford Marsalis tell several years ago...

"You know how to make a million dollars playing jazz? Well, first you start out with two million dollars: In ten years, you'll be a millionaire."

Posted by: Hucbald at November 14, 2007 04:00 AM

Is there where I have to reiterate the fact that Smooth Jazz is, in fact, one of my presets? :) I have nothing against jazz (smooth or otherwise) - in fact, I like it quite a lot. I just tend to prefer it in the afternoon or evening rather than at 6 a.m. when I'm staring bleary-eyed out the window of someone else's car and praying that their reflexes are better than mine because if I was driving in the maniacal fashion they are, we would surely crash.

The only properly fitting soundtrack for most of my slug rides is Flight of the Bumblebee.

Posted by: beth at November 14, 2007 07:51 AM

Are you sure, Robbo?

Posted by: Christine at November 14, 2007 01:02 PM

I listen to it occassionally but while it may be sure as heck ain't jazz.

Posted by: Mike at November 14, 2007 02:46 PM

I had a girlfriend that used to call it menopause music...

Posted by: Babs at November 15, 2007 08:14 PM