August 08, 2007

Ol' Fred's Cyber Team Finally Gets With The Program

The new and improved I'MWITHFRED v. 2.0 was launched yesterday for those of you who've been anxiously waiting for it.

It's pretty good, with an emphasis on Fred's video library at the top. At least now it'll be easier to make a more apples v. apples evaluation of his internet campaign alongside JoinRudy2008 and

Perhaps it's an indication of the state of John McCain's campaign that the first thing you get at his site is a huge splash page with a giant "Donate" button. Though when you click "continue to homepage" the layout is interestingly similar to the other three. Is it a coincidence that each site's sidbar menus are on the right?

On a side note, National Review Online's "The Corner" is saying that Ol' Fred's official "declaration" date will be September 5th (per NBC's Tim Russert). FWIW.

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