August 07, 2007

This Day In History

Well, OK it was only a year ago but it was historical. And it's actually one day shy of a year ago, but it was a Tuesday. OK, I don't feel like waiting until tomorrow. Deal with it.

The Democrats convened for their primary in Connecticut to nominate their Senate candidate. The incumbent, Joe Lieberman, was the target of a moonbat uprising financed by Leftoids throughout the country. Businessman Ned Lamont was the Kos-annointed one and ran against Lieberman for the nomination.

A huge grass-roots organization descended upon the Nutmeg State to send the Democrats a message: vote with Bush on Iraq and you're dead meat! Lieberman stuck to his principles and never waivered from his support for our troops and their mission. They threw everything they had at Lieberman, despite his voting with the Democrat caucus on EVERY SINGLE ISSUE except Iraq. The race became national news. And the machine rallied juuuuuust enough support to hand a thin primary victory to Lamont. The Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate of just six years earlier was turned out and the Party leadership at every level scurried away like rats abandoning a sinking ship.

I wrote about it that evening at the old site:

"The DNC was hoping for a close Lieberman victory. They got a close Lamont victory. And Senator Lieberman will now go the independent route. What choice does he have? Retire after having been pushed aside? He wasn't welcome as a Senator. Do think he'd be any more welcome in that party as a private citizen, even if he were to back Lamont? Fat chance.

The Left finally has their pound of flesh. And they'll feast on it for the next three months. They'll get confident, even cocky. And in the end, they'll overplay their hands (as they always do) and drag their party over the cliff.

And when all is said and done, Lieberman will still be a U.S. Senator from CT and the Democrats will have blown an opportunity to keep a safe seat in the (D) column."

Lieberman understood well that the vast majority of voters in the general election appreciated his eighteen years of service to the State so he ran as an independent. And not only did he win in November, but he won with 50% of Connecticut voters in a State where Democrats greatly outnumber Republicans. Non-Kosified Democrats turned out big for Joe.

Lieberman addresses his kook-fringe opponents.

Lamont's primary victory turned out to be the nutroots' high-water mark in that high-profile fight. In the end, Lamont was a weak candidate and a one-trick pony. The biggest irony is that as a result Lieberman wields more power and influence in the Senate than he would if he were merely re-elected as a Democrat. His presence in that chamber is critical in keeping the Harry Reid White Flag Caucus at bay.

Posted by Gary at August 7, 2007 02:00 PM | TrackBack

I remember calling Joe's campaign headquarters several times during the primary to ask why Lamont had all these signs up at the Westport, CT, train stations but his campaign had none. They kept telling me that they had more on order. I offered to volunteer and they took my name but never called me. I finally called back and asked if they were trying to throw the primary on purpose. I am still not sure if that was their goal, to tell the truth.

I voted for him.

Posted by: rp at August 7, 2007 02:16 PM

I think the Repubs turned out big time for Joe as well.

Posted by: Babs at August 7, 2007 04:07 PM

Yep, he won 50% of the vote. Add in the 10% that the Republican candidate got, and you see that Lamont managed to get only the same percentage of voters as the Democrat's sacrificial lamb candidate for Governor, the mayor from New Haven who no one remembers. CT (except my town -- New Cambridge/West Hartford) had better sense to go with Richie Rich. And I've still got my "I'm stickin' with Joe" shirt to liven things up at PTA events at the school.

Posted by: tdp at August 7, 2007 04:41 PM

Babs - the repubs in this house did. No way I was voting for that crook my party fielded.

Posted by: John at August 7, 2007 07:04 PM

Babs, you're right. CT Republicans came out big for Joe. All 42 of us.

Posted by: Gary at August 8, 2007 07:48 AM