August 07, 2007

If Walken Says It's True, You Don't Question

Christopher Walken has a preventative cure for baldness:

"As men get older, the skin on their heads tightens and the blood gets constricted. Apparently, if you keep your scalp skin loose, you're more apt to keep your hair. So I just grab it with both hands and yank on it while I'm watching the news."
Now (knock wood) I happen to be fortunate enough to be blessed with a full head of hair at age 40. But I say it's never too early to keep that scalp skin loose.

Another invaluable life lesson from the Tao of Walken. Can I get some more cowbell, here?


Posted by Gary at August 7, 2007 09:55 AM | TrackBack

I've shaved my entire noggin for over five years now. I can't imagine NOT shaving it anymore. It's impossible to have a "bad hair day" when you never have a hair day to begin with. I started because I do so much motorcycle riding, and I was tired of the matted "helmet hair" look, which exacerbates any *thininess* you may suffer from. Now, I think I'd shave it even if I had a full head (Which I absolutly don't, of course). It's soooo liberating. And, well, empowering.

Posted by: Hucbald at August 7, 2007 11:49 AM