July 09, 2007

Damon As Kirk?

It's not "official" but it looks like he's "in talks" for the role. This IS one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

And for the triple whammy: Damon as Kirk, Gary Sinise as McCoy and...gasp...Adrien Brody as Spock? WTF?

***update, the link above was from ecanadanow.com and a commenter raised a virus concern so I've yanked it out of there***

J.J. Abrams is helming the next Star Trek movie (insert random Roman Numeral here) and it looks like the franchise is heading for a disaster of epic proportions. Why the "star power" push? Paramount must have burned the midnight oil figuring out that even die-hard Trek fans won't turn out in droves for mediocre crap anymore. My guess is that they've decided to aim this turd over the heads of the legions of fanboys and shoot directly for those non-Trek fans who might be lured by the big names.

Oddly enough, I think Sinise is actually a decent choice for McCoy. But Brody as Spock?


And there just is NO other Kirk besides Shatner. The man is an icon fercrissakes. And they're looking at Matt Damon. How do ya like them apples?

Of course, we all know who's really behind this don't we?

Posted by Gary at July 9, 2007 09:45 AM | TrackBack

might just be me, but I clicked your first link to the story and my anti-virus program (Trend Micro's PCillin) jumped ugly on what it says is a virus. I presume that it was from that other site. JF_DLOADER.NCK, whatever that is.

Posted by: tdp at July 9, 2007 09:22 AM

Any movie remake with someone else playing Kirk is a virus. So they have truly run out of ideas in Hollywood and have to remake the Star Trek movies. Geez.

Posted by: rbj at July 9, 2007 10:12 AM

I guess I ought to lay out my Trek Creds before I say this: I'm 49, graduated HS in '76, watched all of the original series in first release, used to jog home from school versus taking the bus because the bus made me miss the first five minutes of the reruns. Saw the first movie in a theatre on the first day of release, watched all of TNG, DS9, and Voyager. Just completed watching the entire Enterprise series again on Sci-Fi.

I think Brody will make a brilliant Spock, and Sinise a brilliant Bones, but Damon has an opportunity to redefine Kirk just like Daniel Craig did Bond (Craig is hands-down my favorite Bond since Sean). The only questions I have are, 1) Is he up to it? and 2) Will the story be good enough to allow this ensemble to shine?

I hope the answers are yes.

The Trek franchise could use a Casino Royale right about now.

Posted by: Hucbald at July 9, 2007 01:03 PM

That's the real question - will the story be good?

My own Trek creds are a bit sketchier. I watched the reruns of TOS as a kid (I always thought there were so many more episodes). I was a big fan of the films (even The Final Frontier, Robbo) and I watched TNG first run through about the middle of the fourth season (I'm currently using Netflix to relive those and follow through to the end).

Never watched DS9. Never watched Voyager.

Watched Enterprise first run all four seasons with mixed feelings.

But like Enterprise and the TNG movies (loved "First Contact") that started out strong, it seems like the latest producers kind of pussed out and played it safe rehashing old story lines.

The franchise seemed to stop "boldly" going anywhere.

If the story is good, it could work on a certain level but I stand by my Kirk position. Shatner was Kirk. James Bond was "rebooted" four times before Craig. No one is in complete agreement on their favorite.

In one bad casting move, they could go from Shat-tastic to Shit-tastic.

Posted by: Gary at July 9, 2007 01:25 PM

I'm not a Trek fan by any stretch, but I can say that if this movie gets made, we'd probably rent it, just like we did Casino Royale.

Yeah, Craig was good, in his own style, but give me Connery any day of the week.

And I will go on record as saying I love Shatner, no matter what he's in. I'm a big fan of that "Shatner acting technique."

Posted by: GroovyVic at July 9, 2007 01:46 PM

Yes, yes: Nobody will ever replace Shatner or Connery, and I agree. But, I think Damon has been one bad ass mo fo in the Bourne series, and I think he has a real chance to kick butt as Kirk: This choice isn't the end of the world.

Now, if it had been Ben Affleck for Kirk (As I originally heard), then we could all get together for a group wrist-slitting.

Did I mention I had the Nimoy and Shatner record albums as a kid? And that I have all the Trek Christmas Tree ornaments? And a TNG Phaser TV remote control? And those cool Trek coffee cups that have stuff appear and disappear when hot coffee is poured in them?

I'm sure this explains a lot.

Posted by: Hucbald at July 9, 2007 06:09 PM

Sinise as Bones is a good choice. In fact, I can only immediately think of one better one, and he's dead, Jim. Josh Holloway could do it in 15 years.

Posted by: The Unabrewer at July 10, 2007 08:51 PM