July 05, 2007

MSM Pigs With Wings Watch

Wow, an AP story about the latest Al-Q home video suggests that we're actually, you know, beating them:

[T]he proclamations by Ayman al-Zawahri carried another unintended message: reflecting the current troubles confronting the Sunni extremists in Iraq, experts said.

The Islamic State of Iraq, the insurgent umbrella group that is claimed by al-Qaida, has faced ideological criticism from some militants, and rival armed groups have even joined U.S. battles against it. A U.S.-led offensive northwest of Baghdad in one of the Islamic State's strongholds may have temporarily disrupted and scattered insurgent forces.

"Some of the developments suggest that it (the Islamic State) is more fragile than it was before," said Bruce Hoffman, a Washington-based terrorism expert at the Rand Corp. think tank.

Al-Zawahri "is trying to replenish the Islamic State brand," he said. "It's time to reassert its viability, but how connected to reality that is, is another issue."

By which last remark Mr. Hoffman hints, I believe, that the big Al-Z is living in cloud cuckoo land.

[A]l-Qaida in Iraq the group that claims allegiance to Osama bin Laden's goals has been put on the defensive. Some Sunni insurgent groups have publicly split with it, distancing themselves from its bomb attacks on Iraqi civilians and accusing al-Qaida of trying to strong-arm their members into joining.

One influential faction, the 1920 Revolution Brigades, has openly helped U.S. forces in new offensives against al-Qaida in and around Baghdad, and some Sunni tribes have turned against it in western Anbar province.

U.S. forces have focused on al-Qaida-linked fighters in their security clampdowns in Baghdad and so-called "belts" around the city in recent weeks. That has brought an increase in American casualties, but insurgent and militia attacks appear to have fallen.

Of course, the article also includes the details of the latest horrific bombing attacks, etc., etc., just so you don't get too smug, but I simply cannot remember the last MSM report I read that suggests this plainly that the "Surge" might actually be, you know, working....

Mirabile dictu.

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