June 23, 2007

Gratuitous This N' That Posting (TM)

Saturday morning here at Orgle Manor and given the *ahem* lack of posting by my confederates the last day or two, I thought I'd toss off a few completely random thoughts and observations:

**The nine-year-old's new-found fascination with baseball continues apace. Last evening, she stayed up with me to watch the Nats take down the Cleveland Indians. The game featured several very nice double plays, one of which got the Nats out of a nasty bases-loaded hole, eliciting a spontaneous cheer from the gel. I can't tell you how pleased I am that she's taking to the game like this.

** I sit on the board of St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method. We're in the middle of plans to greatly expand the size of the school and yesterday had a meeting with some bankers to discuss the possibility of floating a bond to cover things. I have an almost narcoleptic reaction to matters financial and, as the presentations droned on, couldn't help wondering whether the enthusiasm of the bank team was genuine, or whether they too were not shrieking with boredom somewhere deep down inside.

** This morning I spotted (and quickly ate) the first ripe blueberry of the season among the Orgle Manor bushes. I grow increasingly convinced that there is no greater fruit than this little blue marvel. Not only are they delicious, one also has a sense of how almost insanely healthy they are, too. We've got a very large crop of them this year and I would guess that we'll be able to start some serious harvesting in another week or two.

** The Missus, for an unexpected Father's Day present, gave me a nice Smith & Hawkins outdoor thermometer, which I mounted outside the kitchen window. Being a guy, I now have to check it about every ten minutes or so just so I know the latest data. I mean, you never know when there's going to be a couple degrees' variation, right? Right?

** I was all set to run off Curse of the Golden Flower and then write a gratuitous review of it, but for some reason the copy Netflix sent me won't load up. It may just be my imagination, but this sort of thing seems to be happening more and more often lately, with DVD's that are often scratched if not out-right cracked. Stupid Netflix.

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If you want to be a weather geek, you've got to have the right equipment:


I've got a similar unit, with the base unit (temp/humidity/radio-linked atomic clock) on the first floor, and one remote temp/humidity sensor outdoors, and another on the second floor.

When you ride a motorcycle for 9 months of the year in Minnesnowta, it's important to know what's going on with the temperature, right? Checking it every hour or so isn't obsessive/compulsive, it's just "keeping track".

Posted by: Blackwing1 at June 23, 2007 01:10 PM