May 25, 2007

Village Idiots of Red Sawx Nation Update

Schilling picks apart his "craptastic" start against the Yankers the other night. Conclusion:

We ended up getting through six but I struggled to do it. 24 base runners in the past 12 innings means there isnít just one problem here. From lack of command to horrible execution, the problems run the gamut. This game always is and always will be about making adjustments, and right now there is a plethora of adjustments that need to be made. There are worse places to be than 9.5 games up on the second place team in late May, but like anyone else you want to feel like you are part of the solution when it comes to performing. This series was about starting pitching, as most are, and the team whose starter pitched best, won. Sometimes itís that simple. Players on both teams know how far is left in the race; neither team is even remotely thinking itís over one way or the other. Bottom line is that we have complete control of our own destiny. Playing this schedule means that when you get a lead this big youíll play the teams behind you enough to finish them off or let them back in. Throw out my inconsistency and I like our chances. Obviously we need to stay healthy, but we have a solid deep team with tremendous character and those two things are tremendously important over the course of 162 schedule. Add to that a front office that you know will fill any hole we might have come the trading deadline and you have to feel good about this team.

Hang in there, big guy!

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