February 21, 2007

Gratuitous Travel-Arrangements Griping

Expedia.com? Get 'em on the phone and it's more like Exglacia.

UPDATE: Twenty minutes later and they're still fumbling around. I coulda walked.

UPDATE DEUX: Oh, and the rock-n-roll hold music coming in one ear and the Bach on the radio (which I can't quite reach) coming in the other ear is making me nausious.

UPDATE TROIS: Forty minutes later, I seem to have crashed their system. Their help desk people are going to have to call me back. Jeez.

UPDATE QUART: Two hours from the time I originally called and I still don't know if I'm on the furshlugginer plane yet.

UPDATE CINQ: Well, as long as we're waiting around for Expedia Exglacia to get back to us, how about taking a quick dekko at what must be one of the worst landings in modern commercial aviation:

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