November 17, 2006

We Wants It!

The Puppy Blender changes gears a bit today to talk about coffee grinders, including this one:

coffee grinder.jpg

Apparently the thing is a good deal quieter than the the Braun Junior Buzz-Saw I currently use. Sometimes when I'm up first, I have to take the thing out into the garage for grinding in order to keep from waking the entire household.

And speaking of coffee, there's a Frenchman in our town who owns a little cafe. He seems to have the mashers for the Missus, because he's started fresh-roasting bags of beans for her. The stuff she brings home makes Starbucks taste like Folgers. Indeed, it's so superior that I really don't mind this little menage au lait and have encouraged her to stay on his good side.

Posted by Robert at November 17, 2006 12:13 PM | TrackBack

Yes! Get the grinder! Throw away the buzzsaw, which does not gently grind the beans between the two faces of the conical burr, but chops and pulverizes them with the nasty dull blade of death.

The buzzsaw shrieks mightily as it shreds the defenseless beans, while the Capresso merely rumbles a bit.

Posted by: Any A. Mouse at November 20, 2006 10:28 AM