November 08, 2006

The 2:15 AM roundup---What do 1918, 1950, and 2006 have in common?

I'm too wired on the three pillars of late night driving---caffeine, sugar, and grease---to go to sleep easily, but too tired to do the math too closely. It looks like my gut hunch of two hours ago that Webb was going to win based on a strong showing from the Necro-American community in Richmond City was correct---Danno, you did exploit the opportunity to buy Webb at $28 when I told you to, right?

Otherwise, it's looking---+6 Donks in the Senate and +25 in the House---so this puts us right in line historically with the midterm election for Harry Truman in 1950, which saw +5 Senate and +28 in the House for the Republicans, together with 1918 for Woodrow Wilson, which saw +5 in the Senate and +22 in the House for the Republicans. (scroll down to earlier in the evening when we looked at the history of 6th year midterms in the 20th century).

What do 1918, 1950, and 2006 have in common? An unpopular president in the sixth year of his term (give or take a couple of months for Truman) and an unpopular war. And the first two were followed by a two-term president of the other party pledging peace and a return to "normalcy" in elections in which neither the incumbent president or vice president was on the national ticket.

So any bets on when we'll see the first Dick Morris column extolling the virtues for Democrats of Warren G. Harding and Dwight Eisenhower?

UPDATE 905 AM You know you are punch drunk tired when you mispell both "caffeine" AND "grease." D'oh!

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At least this time we'll be spared having the Dem analysts calling the electorate idiots, as in '04, '02, and '00. Ditto for the pre-scripted charges of Republican fraud.

Posted by: The Sanity Inspector at November 8, 2006 05:06 PM