November 06, 2006

Where's Steve-O?

I had a very long post that apparently got dumped by the server, the basic gist of which gave the rundown of why I've been relatively blog silent the past week, (work, real work, and the four year old's birthday) and taking various drive-by swipes at former blogging friends who have gotten a wee bit nasty and personal over the fact that I don't share there new found joy in the belief that Pelosism is the cure-all our country needs.


It might have included a longer rant on how such a belief meant turning over the stewardship of our national interest to this guy.

I also had a detailed set of predictions which of course I didn't write down and now am too tired to recreate.


If memory serves, it was House--Donks with a three seat majority; Senate, good guys with a three seat majority. Allen & Chafee hold on, Corker wins, Steele upsets, Casey, Tester, McCaskill, Brown win for the Donks.

Allen beats Webb 52-48.

Although if one wants to take the strict Tradesports approach, as of right now (2 AM) the big T has the Donks holding MD, and winning RI, PA, OH, MT, and Missouri. Webb is within the strike range, although just barely, and given how he's dropped today, I'm betting it swings soon to Allen. With Corker winning in TN, that would put it at 50-50, if I'm doing the 2 AM math correctly.

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