November 02, 2006

Where Was Robbo?

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday. Bit of hoof and mouth disease - you know, the kind where you get alternating hot flashes and chills and your knees feel like they're about to fold backwards.

Dunno how long I'm going to be up today or how coherent I'll be, so if I suddenly worble mangle sither floosh, I'm sure you'll understand.

UPDATE: Curiously enough, it appears we Llamas are the No. 2 google hit for "office etiquette and colds". My experience is that it appears perfectly acceptable to say to an afflicted person, "What are you doing here? Go home!"

What's interesting is that this has very little do to with concern for the sufferer him or herself and instead has everything to do with the rest of the office fearing to catch the disease.

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