September 15, 2006

Dayngah! Dayngah! Dayngah!*

(* pace Steve Irwin)

It's I Hate Crocs, the website dedicate to reviling that bastard love-child of wellies and espadrilles that's adorning the feet of so many these days.

Can I make a confession? As the parent of three small girls......I love 'em.

I mean, the things are virtually indestructable and practically clean themselves. Get 'em covered with mud, grass clippings, sand, whatever? No probs - just take 'em to the sink and rinse 'em off. They'll dry all by themselves, too.

And since the things just slip on, there's none of this, "Daddy....I need help with my shoeees..." nonsense which adds a good ten to fifteen minutes to our ETD whenever we try to go out.

No, I have to say that with the Crocs, practicality trumps fashion at Orgle Manor.

The only time I dislike them? Well, the Four Year Old has become fond of gallumping up and down the stairs in hers. The impact has a tendency to shake pictures off the walls and knock plaster from the ceiling.

But, hey. The price is worth it.

Yips! to Rachel.

Posted by Robert at September 15, 2006 12:49 PM | TrackBack

I can live with Crocs for children, but grownups? Spotted last week in a pier in California: The ugly shoe couple. She was sporting Crocs; he was wearing Uggs. That's just not right.

Posted by: Rachel at September 15, 2006 01:44 PM