September 15, 2006

I have nothing to offer you save Mud, Paint, Acorns, and Dough

I would pay good money to hear a Winston Churchill impersonator read this Melissa Wiley column on early childhood education.

It's that good!

UPDATE: Speaking of Churchill... That, and the Irish Elk also muses on this classic bit from TR:

I am very busy now, facing the usual endless worry and discouragement, and trying to keep steadily in mind that I must not only be as resolute as Abraham Lincoln in seeking to achieve decent ends, but as patient, as uncomplaining, and as even-tempered in dealing, not only with knaves, but with the well- meaning foolish people, educated and uneducated, who by their unwisdom give the knaves their chance.

And it has the additional advantage---unlike, say, "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism"---to have been actually written by the person ascribed to it.

Follow the link to the Bogus Quotes Ascribed to Jefferson page from the Monticello web site.

(Okay, they don't use the word "Bogus" but they should).

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