September 14, 2006

Tradesports update

GOP control of the House Contract:

alt="Price for Republican Party 2006 Mid Term Election Control at"
title="Price for Republican Party 2006 Mid Term Election Control at" border="0">

Notice how the post-911 anniversary rise has erased the Katrina anniversary slide.

post 911 gop bounce.jpg


The Joe Lieberman winning the election contract is at $80, with Nedster at $20.

alt="Price for Connecticut Senate Race at"
title="Price for Connecticut Senate Race at" border="0">

Note also the post 911 bounce for Holy Joe, plus the effect of the Lamont ill-fated swipe at Joe's Lewinsky stand.

VA $65
TN $60
MO $55

RI $40

OH $36
MT $35
PA $22.5

Plus the opportunity for an historic pick-up in Jersey, with Tom Kean Jr.'s contract for taking Menendez's Donk seat trading above water:

NJ $54

LLAMABUTCHER PREDICTION: As of the moment, it's a three-seat pickup in the Senate for the Donks. But things are trending to neutral, and only a two-seat loss for the Republicans is not out of the question.

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Can we now, officially start the "Howard Dean purged by the DNC" contract?

Posted by: The Colossus at September 14, 2006 09:06 PM