September 01, 2006

Movie Review

Snakes on a Plane 2006

Yes, peeps, I finally saw it. And it was all I expected . . . and more. There's your sex, your gratuitous nudity, and blood! I didn't expect the blood, but I got it anyway. Allow me, the Queen of the Truly Bad Film, to cherry pick from a better review writer than me. Here's a blurb from Dana Stevens at Slate:

What's surprising about Snakes on a Plane is the movie's commitment to its own schlockiness. It's not a slick studio vehicle with a few campy nods to old-fashioned B pictures. It actually feels like something that would be playing on network television on a long Sunday afternoon in 1980, interrupted by ads for Ronco kitchen products and starring Vincent Price, Shelley Winters, or Patrick Swayze, or any combination thereof.
And how! I was thrilled to see the movie title appear in a 70's font over a Magnum P.I. stock panorama of the Hawiian coast as the film opened. The 70's-inspired uniforms of the flight crew and the quasi-70's decor of the plane's interior delighted me. Our cast even sported a lot of 70's hair - the lone male flight attendant particularly.

And the snake attacks are classic. Every single rural myth or joke you've ever heard about snake ways and snake bites come to life in this film, most notably in the famous "snake bite on the ass" predicament. "Oh Snap, you got a snake on your ass!" is my favorite line of the movie.

I have to give you another "real" reviewer's blurb here. This is Pete Vonder Haar at Film Threat:

I mentioned the “best/worst” dichotomy earlier, which demands the inclusion of some pros and cons. Pros: Snake-O-Vision, many varieties of serpents, and it’s a great movie to see with a (preferably drunken) crowd. Cons: shitty computer animation, the non-CG snakes are obviously non-venomous, and the whole film has the feel of a 1970s-era Irwin Allen flick. You half expect them to wheel George Kennedy out for a cameo.
Yes, Snake-O-Vision, peeps. Blurry, green, blinkered Snake-O-Vision . . . with George Kennedy surely tucked away somewhere.

Snakes bite every single body part you don't want a snake to touch in this film, and they do it at bullet speeds. It's funny, scary, gruesome and shameless. If there was any question in your mind, now it should be at rest. Snakes on a Plane is the best Truly Bad Film of 2006.

Oh - and be sure to check out the sexy/catchy SOAP music video that runs during the closing credits of the film.

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GIRL! Oooooh, excellent! Mr. keysunset has seen the film and totally agrees - instant cult classic!

I have GOT to see this film. Hopefully in a big, dark, scary theater.......

And I love the music video! Gotta love a man with a guitar (case full of snakes!). Bring it, I'm ready for it ...

Thank you, darlin'!

Thank you darlin'

Posted by: keysunset at September 2, 2006 11:34 AM