August 31, 2006

Broken Hockey Stick

Dean has read the Wegman Report, a study which basically damns the entire field of anthropogenic global warming research. Alas, all the usual suspects are here: cliquishness, politics, lack of accountability, protection of turf, funding issues, etc., etc.

I long ago came to the conclusion that science was no longer driving the global warming debate, but instead was being driven itself by pure politics. Which is largely why I've tuned out the chorus of "GET REEEADY! THE WUUUURLD IS COMING TO AN EEEEND!"

According to this report, it's a lot worse than I imagined. Go read.

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The biggest suspect of all is the Wegman Report itself. It rehashes discredited theories from McIntyre and McKitrick (and energy consultant and an economist), shock of all shocks, two unqualified individuals misunderstood the data they were interpreting, and a peer reviewed article proved them wrong. It also ignores the fact that the hockey stick is simply one of multiple lines of evidence. In the conclusions they also take the astonishing position that peer-review is one of the major problems with the field and that the people that study climate should not be the ones to write up the conclusions of the work! Peer reveiw is the foundation of scientific research. It is why Jonah Goldberg cannot publish his opinions on climate research in Science Magazine and it is why the conclusions of science are in a different (and much more credible) class than the kids over at the Corner. Joe Barton commissioned a hit piece and he got the Wegman Report.

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There are people overstating the problem out of misunderstanding or political gain, but the effect is real. Simple fact.

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