July 31, 2006

Charlotte Church Wants to Do Angelina Jolie?

When did this blog turn into the back row in home room? And where would this fall on the Rusty "good lesbian/bad lesbian" continuum?

I must not have heard it correctly....

UPDATE: Yes, these two last posts, chumming up nekkid Melissa Theuriau references amidst and betwixt Snakes on a Plane mumbling and random Angelina Jolie/Welsh soprano lesbian innuendo marks the beginning of the official Whores of Blogdom Traffic II: The LLamabutchers Desperate No-Taste Google Chumming Traffic Baiting technorat-pandering Site-meter Wack-a-mole-a-thon, part deux (TM).

Be very afraid....

YEAH, YEAH, YEAH: I know, as compared to our usual blogging efforts, right? Thanks INDC Bill. Keep looking over your shoulder: one of these days the person dressed in a Jacques Cousteau wetsuit, with a hula skirt, angry clown makeup and carrying a blow dart gun, following you through DuPont Circle, will be the one carrying the banana creme pie of death with your number on it.....

Yips From Chai-Rista: I just want to state for the record that this blog was already "the back row in home room" when I got here!

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I am pleased to assist your google-chumming efforts.

Posted by: agent bedhead at July 31, 2006 04:02 PM