July 27, 2006

Go, Nats!


I notice that with their fifth win in a row, the Nationals are now 25 and 24 at home. I'd have to go back and check, but I believe this is the first time they've had a winning home record all season.

I've also noticed all summer that many, many people around Dee Cee are wearing Nats hats. We're in the cellar and most of the roster probably won't be here next year, but I've got a good vibe about this team, especially as the new owners seem to have their collective eye on the ball, so to speak, in terms of building long term strength.

So, with the (at least temporary) winning record at RFK Stadium, what of the Curse of Bobby Kennedy?

"Fraaaaaaank! Ah, Fraaaaaank Rooooobinson!
You, ah, think you've defeated meeee-yah? Wrong!
I'll, ah, be baaaaaaaaaack!"

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