April 11, 2006

Chloe---I need you to get me the schematics on Google---I think they're trying to build a bomb, and if it goes off, who knows what will be let loose

I can officially retire as a blogger, as we are #2 on Google Worldwide for

Jack Bauer's PDA

When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.

Excuse me while I go take a cold shower.

jack bauer pda.jpeg
And when I get done mailing out this job application, you can bet I'm pshopping this.

Yips! from Robbo: The Colossus takes it up a notch. We wants one of those.

YIPS from Steve-O: Further reason not to annoy The Colossus!

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Trackback wouldn't take . . .


Posted by: The Colossus at April 12, 2006 07:50 AM

Ask, and ye shall receive. It's up.

Posted by: The Colossus at April 12, 2006 10:34 AM

If my spy novel ever gets picked up by a publisher, I'm going to buy one of these:


A brand new, semi-auto (and thus legal in most places) Thompson.

Bet it would get some admiring glances at the range when I open the violin case.

Posted by: The Colossus at April 12, 2006 02:14 PM

Thank you!
http://xsvnhlez.com/lkpr/gjpi.html | http://coohevah.com/bhkm/pafw.html

Posted by: Joe at May 9, 2006 12:17 PM

Great work!

Posted by: Jack at July 1, 2006 03:48 PM

Great work!

Posted by: Joy at July 1, 2006 10:22 PM

Great work!

Posted by: Keith at July 2, 2006 03:27 PM

Great work!

Posted by: Janice at July 12, 2006 10:14 PM