March 23, 2006

Oh, That Media Bias

No doubt you've already seen Drudge's scoop on ABC producer John Green's email to colleagues about Dubya making him want to puke.

Personally, I reyther like Roger Simon's take on it:

According to the Drudge Report, Good Morning America producer John Green is "mortified" that he was caught with his pants down in an email he wrote to others at ABC that President Bush made him want "to puke." Frankly, Green should not be so upset. This is his opinion and he's welcome to it in a free society. The idea that he would be impartial is simply a myth. Last I heard John Green was a human being. Only machines (so far) are impartial. In fact, it's good viewers of ABC are informed of the opinions of those producing the network's shows. It gives those viewers much more ability to evaluate what they are seeing. Thanks, Mr. Green!

Hear, hear. And that would go for anyone's opinions, regardless of their particular political bent. What's important here is not that Green has such opinions, but that so much effort is made to pretend that there is or can be such thing as impartiality in the press.

Know what this made me think of? Campaign finance reform. I've long felt that fiddling around with monetary limitations is a colossal waste of time and energy (aside from the small fact that it's unconstitutional). The only reform genuinely worth pursuing is to instead concentrate on immediate disclosure and full transparancy regarding donor names and amounts. As with Roger's example regarding the press and its audience here, such information would allow voters to make much better informed decisions.

Yips! to the Puppy Blender.

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