March 23, 2006

LLama LLiterary Update

The ol' Tasty Bits Mail Sack (TM) has started to fill with queries such as:


Where the @#$*@&(%& hell's that audience participation essay you promised?



Well, all I can say is sorry and that I promise I'm working on it, but it has turned out to be a much bigger and more complex project than I had anticipated.

In the first place, I've been awfully busy these past couple weeks with things like family, my paying job - you know, the real timewasters.

Second, the response to my original post was way, waaaaaay bigger than I thought it would be, quickly kyboshing the little three-paragraphs-in-ten-minutes job I thought I would be able to dash off.

Third, some of the entries were so hy-larious that I want to get this absolutely right. For example, I'd never heard of Bobgirrl's expression "front butt" before, and the mental image I get when reading about it has made me snarf several times already. When I go to craft one onto the Scottish Dwarf, I want to make sure I've got the mot juste.

As it happens, I have to go back on the road again next Tuesday. (The joys of out of town discovery.) The way things are shaping, I think I can have the thing ready in time to post before I leave, giving you lot something to read in my absence.

Again, my apologies. I certainly hope the wait will be worth it.

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