December 13, 2005

Oh, No....

The Best Snowball Fight Game Ever is back.

I got seriously addicted to this game the first time I saw it two or three years ago. In fact, I got to the point where I could keep going until I got bored or my hand muscles locked up - the key is a) concentrate on using just one guy after the first couple rounds and b) when you get to the levels where you're facing a skirmish line, start at one end, get up in their faces, stun and knock them out in pairs, and just work your way down the line.

Did I mention I got kinda addicted to this?

Yips! to Gary.

UPDATE: Another piece of strategy I forgot to mention - all the throwers are right-handed. Avoid letting the bad guys get to your left flank. If they attack you from that side, you have to expose much more of your own player's body in order to get a shot back at them.

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Dammit... another distraction to keep me from working...

Posted by: jwookie at December 13, 2005 06:58 PM