December 13, 2005

Nutcracker Blogging

Mixolydian Don looks into the future. It isn't pretty.

As it happens, I took the five and seven year olds to see a student production of The Nutcracker last weekend by the Center Dance Company of Arlington. The gels were enthralled and once I convinced them that no, this had nothing to do with Barbie and the Nutcracker, sat right through the performance without the least bit of squirming or fidgiting, instead clapping enthusiastically after each dance.

This got me thinking again about the old Baryshnikov production that PBS used to run every year and which we always watched. I haven't seen this in years but I still remember it quite plainly. I suppose it would be worth picking up for the Llama-ettes.

YIPS from Steve: We're partial to the one that we taped off of CBS that was done in England a couple years back with Julie Andrews doing the Russell Baker-esque introduction.

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