December 08, 2005


The latest rumor that Rumsfeld is supposedly on his way out. This is yet another example of the rumor mill cranking up and being reported as "news." The Donald was supposed to be on his way out weeks after being sworn in as the only man to hold the job of defense secretary twice. As I said before, Rumsfeld will remain where he is long as he has the confidence of the President and there is no indication W.'s view of him has slipped in any way. My guess as to the leakers: disgruntled Pentagon types or White House staffers seeking to ingratiate themselves with the Fourth Estate.

Posted by LMC at December 8, 2005 03:25 PM | TrackBack

The first rule of the Pentagon is that we don't talk about the Pentagon.

Or something like that.

Posted by: The Colossus at December 8, 2005 04:34 PM

I hope Sec. Rumsfeld does retire, with full honors for the victory in Iraq..Then

the Prez of Iran could face Sec Lieberman. !;-})

Posted by: Marvin at December 9, 2005 07:12 PM