August 01, 2007


In the Corner, JPod puts the hurt on Obama over his recent threat to invade Pakistan (you know, to fight the real Al-Q) if elected:

I'm getting a lot of enraged e-mails from Obama defenders who are accusing me of caricaturing his position on Pakistan, or of being an apologist for somebody or other, or something. So let me be clear about one thing: Obama is full of it. This country is never never going to stage a major military action against Pakistan. Pakistan is a nation of 170 million people that has nuclear weapons and whose admittedly problematic and troublesome regime has, to some extent, cooperated with the United States in the war against Al Qaeda both in ways we know and ways we have no idea about. The concern that this strategically vital county might become an Islamic fundamentalist state is, should be, and will be paramount in every and all discussions about how to conduct the fight against Al Qaeda.

What's more, every serious person knows the United States won't invade Pakistan, even with Special Forces since the reason we cancelled the proposed action against Al Qaeda in 2005 is that it was going to take many hundreds of American troops to do it. This isn't 15 people dropping like ninjas in the darkness. It's an invasion, with helicopters and supply lines and routes of ingress and escape. It would have had unforseen and unforeseeable consequences, but it would have been reasonable to assume the Pakistanis would have turned violently against the United States and hurtled toward Islamic fundamentalist control.

If the evil Bushitler Cheney Rumsfeld Monster wouldn't do it, nobody will do it. And you can bet there isn't a single person in line to run a Democratic State Department or Democratic Defense Department who would give the idea three seconds of thought. Obama is using Pakistan to talk tough, in the full knowledge that he will never actually pull the trigger.

He is trying to put one over on the American people, which is certainly using the "audacity of hope" in an entirely new way.

Yep. More specifically, he's trying to show himself as tough as Hillary! on foreign policy, but making himself look like an ass to anybody who actually understands it. And in the event he's actually serious about this threat, then all he is really doing is illustrating the old maxim that there is no one more dangerous to himself and everyone around him than a Liberal with a gun.

Posted by Robert at August 1, 2007 02:09 PM | TrackBack

Particularly a law professor with tendency for the dramatic and a revolver.

Posted by: LMC at August 1, 2007 10:44 PM

I don't think you are required to take geography in law school. A couple of hours in a geography class would probably dissuade him from his bombastic rhetoric. O-kaaaay, let's invade this brutal mountain terrain and fight against a gene pool that has spent several centuries eeking survival from it... Yeah, sounds like a plan. There is a reason why OBL, etc. are holed up there and it isn't the hotel accomodations...

Posted by: Babs at August 2, 2007 10:46 AM