October 20, 2008

The Powell endorsement

Read Michelle's take on it. She nails it--this is about abortion.

Yips! from Gary:
I think that's oversimplifying it a bit.

What this is about is the fact that Powell has always been a "reluctant" Republican. He was fine with the affiliation when it suited him, and it helped get him important jobs in Republican administrations. But he's never been critical of Democrats or their policies. He's had to have his arm twisted to speak at GOP conventions, and every speech was a lukewarm endorsement.

What made the difference is how badly he was attacked by the Left for supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. For a while he wasn't popular anymore. Now - bam - all of a sudden he's the end-all be-all of endorsements. He could have made this announcement weeks ago if not months ago. With two plus weeks to go, he wets his finger and holds it in the air. With winds blowing Obama's direction, this is no real surprise.

MORE LMC YIPS: Rush lead off with the Powell story today and noted Powell's son not only endorsed McCain but is campaigning for him.

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