September 08, 2008

Llama Storm Of The Century Of The Week Wrap-Up

Just in case anybody is interested, what was left of TS Hanna proved to be a disappointment by the time it rolled through the Dee Cee area on Saturday. Yes, we got quite a bit of rain (somebody told me about 7 inches) and a goodish bit of mulch has been washed out of the borders 'round Orgle Manor. But wind? Barely a puff. And curiously, I heard not one, single clap of thunder the entire time. Some "storm".

Nonetheless, Virginia Power chose to cut off the power for about two hours late Saturday afternoon. I suppose they were just trying to get into the spirit of the thing and didn't want to miss the chance to annoy their customers.

Oh, and speaking of disappointments, I could not recall if I'd ever watched Deep Impact all the way through before, but dayum what a dog of a movie - touchy-feely and humorless and so bloody sincere. Feh, give me Bruce Willis kicking butt in Armaggedon any time there's a 'stroid to be dealt with.

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