July 31, 2008

Random Commuter Observation - "Mission From Gahd" Division

The streets of my little neck of the NoVA suburbs have been crawling with pairs of close-cropped, white-shirted, black-pants, string-tie'd young men carrying stacks of books, which can only mean that it's missionary season for somebody or other. (I believe these guys are Mormons. On the other hand, for all I know they may well be Moonies.)

What with the steamy hot n' humid weather we've been having the past couple days, I question the timing. It strikes me that these folks are not going to get much sympathy when they ask somebody already near the boiling point whether they've been Saved.

On the other hand, perhaps they can work the weather into their message, i.e, "You think this is bad? Just you wait......"

Whatever the case, somebody should at least give these fellahs a bit more training in road safety, especially when they're on bikes. I nearly sent one prematurely to his Maker this morning when he darted across an intersection against the lights.

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