July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Red Sonja

Okay, Gary, I'm giving you a lead here:

The lovely and talented, or at least tall, Bridgette Nielsen was born this day in 1963 in Rødovre, Denmark.

I have always known her for her B-movies and disastrous serial marriages, but I didn't know this little tidbit found at the Wikipedia entry: Back in the 80's Marvel Comics floated the idea of making a movie about a She-Hulk starring Nielsen (fresh off her Sonja gig).

"She-Hulk smash! And rip scanty costume in process!

Apparently, nobody was willing to invest any dosh and the project never went anywhere. Ah, well. Look on my face. My name is Might Have Been.

Speaking of such things, I learned from the Missus very recently that she and rayther a lot of the other pool moms are of the collective opinion that a certain kid helping to coach the swim team this summer is, if I remember her expression correctly, "seriously yummy". I laughed and laughed when she told me this, pointing out that a sudden interest in teen beefcake [Cartman: Beeeefcaaaake!!!] is a sure sign of impending middle age.

I used to feel vaguely guilty about posts like this one, but now? Not so much.

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